PackagePlus Protection Policiy

PackagePlus Protection Policies

PackagePlus offers protection in the form of full or partial reimbursement, or full or partial reorder of the same merchandise, for packages that are lost, stolen or damaged that meet the following criteria. PackagePlus will endeavor to either reimburse or reorder at the customers’ request, but the choice to reimburse or reorder an order that meets the criteria below is at the sole discretion of PackagePlus.

Please read below to understand what PackagePlus protection will cover, and the Order Resolution expectations.


*Issues where package is presumed to be lost by the carrier (status is not "delivered") must be filed within 15 days of last tracking update or scheduled delivery date.

*Confirmation of Lost Status: After 72 hours have passed from an estimated delivery date, and no update from the delivery agent, PackagePlus will deem the package “lost” and assist customer with next steps.


*Packages that are returned to sender or unable to be delivered because of an incorrect address, a failure by an adult over the age of 21 to be present to sign for the package, or for any other reason that does not constitute “loss” or “breakage” are not covered because they are not in fact lost. In instances were packages are returned to sender and in useable condition, customer will be referred to Blackwell’s Wines to arrange for a reship (additional reship fees may be incurred per merchant policy.


*If shipment is in multiple boxes, and not all boxes are delivered, PackagePlus will cover items in the missing boxes only.

*If package is delivered without signs of tampering, customer will be referred to Blackwell’s Wines for correction.


*Customer packages lost en route to sender if marked “return to sender” will be covered.

Packages that are refused delivery or returned to sender due to invalid address or similar, will not be covered, and customer will be referred to Blackwell’s Wines to confirm reship or refund options.


*Orders shipped outside the USA that are “stuck” in customs are not covered by PackagePlus, and are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customs must usually be paid by customer in order to release the package for delivery.

*Orders marked unfulfilled or unshipped are not covered, as they are not completed and have not yet transferred to the delivery agent to initiate protection plan.


*If damaged/broken items arrive, claim must be filed within 10 days of delivery date.

*An item is considered Damaged if it is clearly unusable: clearly fractured, shattered, bent, emptied and unable to be used in any way.

*PackagePlus does not offer protection for cosmetic damage, or for damage to packaging other than the item ordered: dents, scratches, scrapes as well as broken seals or packaging errors/changes by manufacturer.

*Photos clearly detailing the damage MUST be included with the claim.

*Out of stock items, customized items and subscription items can not be replaced and will be refunded if all appropriate criteria are met.


*Orders marked as delivered but not received are considered “stolen.” Claim must be filed within 10 days of delivery date (as notified by delivery agent). We will ask for a 96 hour “pause” period to ensure package is not somewhere on premises or mis-delivered.

*In some instances PackagePlus will require a police report to be filed. In which case we ask that customer include PDF of police report and case number.

*If customer enters correct address at checkout, and package is delivered to an incorrect address, PackagePlus will consider this as stolen, and process the claim.



*If customer enters incorrect address at time of checkout, and package is delivered to that address - PackagePlus will not offer protection on this order.

*Customer needs to reach out to Blackwell’s Wines to determine if and what remedy can be taken.


*If customer is unsatisfied with quality of product, this is not a relevant item for this Protection. PackagePlus is not a product replacement plan, and no warranties are made for any items.


*PackagePlus will investigate and honor claims made within the bounds of our timeline policy. We will deny orders placed outside of the timeline according to the following policies.

-Orders marked “delivered” but with no evidence of “porch theft” must be filed within 10 days of “delivery date,” and include a 96 hour investigation/wait window to attempt location of package.

-Orders presumed to be lost by carrier (not marked “delivered) must be filed within 15 days of anticipated delivery date, and include a 96 hour investigation/wait window.


*If customer orders expedited delivery, and shipment arrives late it will not be covered by PackagePlus. Inclement weather, acts of God, and barriers to delivery are common place, check shipper website.


*PackagePlus does not cover any packages that do not have a tracking number or are still in pre-shipment.


*If the order has not yet shipped, the PackagePlus premium can be refunded. Once the package has been picked up the carrier, the premium is non-refundable.

We attempt to provide the most fluid and appropriate resolution.

Cost of merchandise and shipping with be refunded to customer’s original form of payment. In some cases if customer delivery issues are due to customer error, shipping costs may not be refunded. PackagePlus fees are never refunded.


*Once your claim is processed you will receive new tracking information for your replacement shipment.
*The replacement is automatically covered.
*We reserve the right to over rule a replacement request for a refund.
*Please note that in cases of limited release items, one of kind, or similar - replacement is not available, and customer will be provided with a refund.