Arvero Limoncello 750 ml


Il Limoncello “Árvero” is prepared traditionally using the natural zest of selected lemons that have outstanding and unique organoleptic properties. “Árvero” is produced and bottled in the surroundings of the heavenly and astonishing Massa Lubrense (NA).

In a world, and an industry, where taking a shortcut is often synonymous of an achievement, Árvero prides itself on being crafted without cutting any corners.

The lemons get picked at sunrise and immediately right after get washed and processed for the infusion.

Only the “right” kind of lemons get into the mix. Árvero is made with no chemicals, no added aromas, no added oils and, most importantly, no preservatives (which is what causes the slight discoloration at the bottle’s neck).

Árvero’s philosophy and strategy is to promote a real, local and original, experience. Raw materials make the fundamental difference. ( other “arvero” can make an Árvero..) The quality of our natural product is determined by the lemons; therefore we make Árvero ONLY with the Peninsula lemons which have a uniquely balanced flavor. To retain the great aromas and color of the lemons, they are all hand-picked and processed locally, early in the morning to preserve the right humidity, without being frozen or stored. The result is a Limoncello with rich aromas, a naturally vivid yellow color and a vibrant flavor.

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

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