Clase Azul Anejo Tequila


40% ABV, 750 ml

Clase Azul Añejo “Edición Indígena Mazahua” (or Mazahua-Edition) is the fruit of two worlds that meet. It symbolizes the union of authentic Mexican indigenous roots (represented by the unfired clay) with European glazing techniques, result in a combination of history, art, and the highest quality tequila all making Clase Azul Añejo a truly exemplary expression.

CATEGORY: 100% blue Agave
TYPE: Extra Aged
ALC. CONT. 40% alc. Vol. (80 Proof)
PLANT: Organic agave plant REGION: Jalisco Highlands (Altos de Jalisco)
PRODUCER: Casa Tradición S.A. de C.V.
DISTILLERY: Productos Finos de Agave (NOM 1416)
LOCATION: Jesús María (Arandas region, Jalisco)
COOKING: Slow cooking with steam in traditional stone ovens during 72 hrs.
MILLING: Artisan milling
FERMENTATION: Superior yeast (secret formula)
DISTILLATION: Double distillation, in copper still
BARREL: American white oak barrel
COLOR: Intense amber

BODY: Full-bodied with significantly defined legs and tears
AROMA: Cooked agave, a variety of woods, vanilla, caramel, almonds, and apples
FLAVOR: Freshly baked agave with touches of vanilla, caramel, and various woods

DECANTER: Ultra-fine ceramic (in high temperature)
CERAMIC COATING: Food grade (lead free)
CERAMIC COOKING: Triple 650°, 800° y 1200° C

PRODUCTION TIME: 2 weeks per decanter
DECORATION: Its hand-made decoration symbolizes the union of authentic Mexican indigenous roots, with European glazing techniques
CAP: Pewter

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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