Cream of Kentucky 7 Year Old Single Barrel Rye Whiskey Bottled-in-Bond


50% ABV, 750ml, Bottled in Bond, 7 Years Old

This is a new release from Jim Rutledge, as he enjoys his "retirement". . .

 "A vintage Cream of Kentucky

Rutledge and his team have bought the rights to the old bourbon brand Cream of Kentucky, which was first put out in 1888 by I. Trager & Co. of Cincinnati. After Prohibition, it was reintroduced by the Schenley Company in 1934. It was a fairly successful brand throughout the ’30s and ’40s, and the legendary artist Norman Rockwell often provided artwork for the brand’s advertisements.

Rutledge, who says his company will be as transparent as the bottle his bourbon is sold in, says his team sourced bourbon for this release, which he hopes to have out by the end of the year — yes, that means in a few weeks. Legally, he does not know if he’s allowed to say where he purchased the bourbon from, but as soon as he gets the green light — if he gets the green light — he will certainly spill the corn.

“I’ve always been honest, and I’ll answer any question if I know the answer. We will be transparent, but we have to know we’re legally allowed to say it,” he says.

He admits he was hesitant at first when sampling some of the limited surplus bourbon that was for sale. And in fact, there was one batch he turned down immediately because it wasn’t up to his standards.

“You work a lifetime to build a reputation, but you can lose it in a heartbeat. I said we cannot destroy our future for short-term gain,” says Rutledge." - Insider Louisville

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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