Elk Fence Distillery FirTop Gin


45% ABV, 750 ml, made in Sonoma County California

FirTop has a perfect meld of citrus and juniper with hints of coriander. Its is truly delicious as a martini gin or a gin and tonic base, pure and bright in its flavor, perfection!

We double distill in our pot stills , using only the finest ingredients including local grain and botanicals . We make deep cuts when we distill producing a product 2nd to none in quality and taste .

"When we started perfecting our recipe for our gin we knew we wanted a gin with a beautiful citrus forward kick and a perfect meld with juniper and the rest of our botanicals. We wanted a gin that would bridge between the classic gin & tonic and an ice cold martini. We love the way it turned out and we think you will too. Its the perfect gin for just sipping over ice with a twist if thats your preference. Try it. FirTop satisfies!

Heres a review from Hog Island Oyster Company's Cocktail and Spirits Director, the most talented Saul Ranella:

"On New Year’s Day I climbed into my newly built tree house in a huge eucalyptus tree in my back yard with a bottle of your Fir Top Gin, a bottle of vermouth, a bottle of tonic, a cooler of ice and a cold glass.

I first tasted the gin by its self and was immediately struck by the crisp coriander and botanicals that jump forward. But there was a unique outdoorsy freshness that permeated the glass that had me hooked. I may be wrong but I felt like I was getting notes of nettles. Specifically Douglas fir? Sitting in a tree, I know that maybe my surroundings were influencing my perception but either way I truly loved your gin drinking it neat.

I then added ice and a small drizzle of vermouth. Amazing how the flavors mellowed and stretched with a little water dilution and the added botanicals of quality vermouth. Does it make a good martini... check, but I would prefer it neat with a zest of lemon.

Finally I poured it over ice with tonic in a 2-6 ratio and added a squeeze of lime and a couple of eucalyptus leaves hanging from the tree I was in. This gin does wonders with tonic. Its botanicals and original intentions are not lost in the dilution or sweetness. It is refreshing and at the same time still packs a punch. I had to stop myself from pouring a second as I still had to climb down this tree ladder.

In the end, I did not just taste your gin I experienced your gin. I tried three basic applications and enjoyed them all immensely in a environment that played into its strengths. I can’t wait to mix this gin with citrus, vinegar, and other acids to see how it holds on that end. I’m also excited to enjoy this gin with oysters and other seafood and I can guarantee this gin will make any Bloody Mary better, period! I’m looking forward to tasting your other spirits and touring your facility soon. This dream you have realized is inspiring.

Congratulations on an epic gin."

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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