Mezcal El Jolgorio Pechuga Navidena Edition #16


48% ABV, 750 ml, 100% Maguey Espadin aged 8 Year

Pechuga is a celebratory style of Espadín mezcal that traditionally includes fruits, nuts, spices, and a butchered raw turkey, placed inside the still on the second distillation. Many mezcaleros have family recipes, but Pechuga Navideña has added significance, as only one batch of this Christmas mezcal is produced each year. Slightly different from Casa Cortés’ previous releases of El Jolgorio Pechuga, this special Christmas recipe contains mandarinas—small circus fruits that are less sweet and more acidic than common mandarins available in the U.S.—and tejocote, the fruit of the hawthorn tree. These fruits are local to Oaxaca and available for a very short time each year. Other ingredients specially selected by the mezcalero and added to the still on the second distillation include oranges, raisins, apricots, pineapples, apples, bananas, anise, and almonds, along with a raw turkey that is hung inside the still cap. The 2019 Pechuga Navideña was distilled at the Casa Cortés family palenque in Santiago Matatlán by Gregorio Jarquín, the brother-in-law of Valentín and Rolando Cortés. Don Gregorio is one of the most experienced mezcaleros in Santiago Matatlán and is an integral part of the Casa Cortés family of mezcaleros.

Traditional mezcal forms an important part of the rituals, ceremonies, and festivities—known as “Jolgorios”—in the villages of Oaxaca, Mexico. The ever-changing lineup of El Jolgorio Mezcals are made exclusively from different species and varieties of wild, semi-wild, and cultivated agave by Maestro Mezcaleros in local, indigenous Zapotec villages in Oaxaca. All mezcals are open-air fermented and all but one are twice-distilled in copper pot stills. On every bottle is inscribed the species of agave, the age of harvest, the village of production, the name of the Master Distiller, and the batch/lot number as to truly connect the drinker with the land, people, and plants at the heart and soul of this mezcal. Salud y Dixeebe!

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