Midleton Method & Madness "Matured in Virgin Garryana Oak" Single Pot Irish Whiskey


46% ABV, 750 ml, Matured in Virgin Garryana Oak Barrels

"The mild climate of the Pacific Northwest creates a character oak, and character people. So we set off on a first - to see how it would shape our Midleton Single Pot Still Whiskey.

The land of grunge brought an intriguing touch of distortion in a good way: earthier tones via the US virgin oak, with smoked applewood, golden raisins, clove spice, and malted barley with a lingering finish of coffee grounds."

"Irish Distillers has released the next innovation in its Method and Madness series with an expression finished in virgin Garryana oak barrels. Quercus garryana or Garry oak grows in the Pacific Northwest in a narrow band stretching from British Columbia to California. Whiskey lovers will be most familiar with this uncommon species of oak thanks to Westland Distillery in Seattle, who first released Westland Garryana American single malt in 2016 as an expression of Pacific Northwest terroir: their 8th edition was the No. 3 whisky of 2023 in the Whisky Advocate Top 20. Beyond Westland, few other companies have released Garryana oak-finished whiskeys until now.

Due to its high tannin levels, Garryana oak timber requires longer seasoning than Quercus alba, the main species of American white oak the whiskey industry uses for barrels. While Method and Madness Garryana Oak was finished exclusively in virgin Garryana oak barrels, Westland finishes its Garryana expression in virgin Garryana, sherry, bourbon, and wine casks. New Garryana oak can have a powerful flavor impact on whiskey; imparting flavors of dark sugar, clove, and hints of smoked oak." Whiskey Advocate

Billy Leighton, Master Blender

"This release asked the question: What if we take a step away from the familiar with a Single Grain whiskey finished in Virgin Spanish Oak? Without giving too much away, the two made very good partners, with a taste of gentle wood spice playing off the natural sweetness of the grain."

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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