Monk's Secret Liqueur by Vicario


35% ABV, 750 ml

  • Herbal Liqueur produced in Greer, South Carolina
  • Maceration of over 15 aromatic herbs and spices
  • Produced using 100% non-GMO neutral wheat spirit
  • Named in honor of the ancient monastic texts by which the recipe was inspired
  • A bouquet of herbs and spice run through from nose to finish, warming the palate with notes of cinnamon, honey, straw, genepy, tarragon, mint, and clove

Monastery brew houses and elixir distillers from different religious orders have been in existence all over Europe since the early Middle Ages. After careful reading of ancient monastic texts, Vicario crafted this maceration of over 15 aromatic herbs and spices and named it after these famous religious orders. The result is an exquisitely round and exotic liqueur, akin to an aged Yellow Chartreuse.

Renato Vicario and Janette Wesley own and operate two organic and sustainable farms on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean: in his native Italy and in her native South Carolina. While their spirits are crafted using sustainably grown, non-GMO (non-genetically modified) ingredients, a majority of the fruits, herbs, and spices used to create Vicario’s liqueurs are grown on their own farms. Vicario and Wesley named their Tuscan farm, The Garden of Earthly Delights, which is reflected in the imagery on their bottles—details from the Hieronymus Bosch painting of the same name.

After many years of recreating time-honored liqueurs in Italy, Renato Vicario wrote a book entitled Italian Liqueurs, hoping to share his knowledge. The brand itself leapt from the pages of this book—a more immediate way to share the love of these traditional beverages. Steeped in regional, mythical, and historical traditions, Vicario Liqueurs are made with the same methods which have been employed for centuries. Minimal filtration and quality ingredients ensure that these delightful spirits are among the most expressive examples in the world.

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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