Pierre Ferrand Vintage 2004 Single Cask Collection Cognac


54% ABV, 750 ml, Distilled in 2004

This is a new expression in a line of exclusive, vintage dated Cognacs from the Ferrand cellar.

This well-aged old cognac is a sophisticated and well-rounded spirit, with a depth of flavor and complexity that is the result of years of aging in oak barrels. It is best enjoyed neat, or with a splash of water, in a snifter glass to fully appreciate its aroma and flavor profile.

Appearance: A rich golden color with a hint of amber.
Nose: A complex and intense bouquet of fruit, spices, and oak, with notes of dried figs, raisins, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon, along with hints of leather, tobacco, and floral aromas.
Palate: A full-bodied and smooth palate, with a perfect balance of sweetness and warmth. The flavor profile is dominated by rich fruit, toasted oak, and spices, with a touch of honey, toffee, and dark chocolate.
Finish: A long and warming finish, with a lingering sensation of fruit, spices, and oak.


Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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