Rhum Barbancourt "Haitian Proof" White Rum 110 Proof


55% ABV, 750 ml

"Rhum Barbancourt introduce you to the overproof Caribbean Rhums. When distilled from pure cane juice, 110 proof is the strength that best reveals the rhum essences and savor. Perfectly crystalline, Rhum Barbancourt Haitian proof is an outstanding floral rum with green notes of fresh sugar cane juice, hints of tart citrus fruits and light peppery tone. 110 proof for creative, full-strength cocktails.

Rhum Barbancourt Haitian Proof is distilled in copper columns, following traditional methods. Typically Haitian, with green notes of fresh sugar cane juice and eucalyptus, this outstanding white rum can be sipped neat or as part of the most creative cocktails.

Tasting Notes

Color and Nose: Perfectly Crystalline. Floral with hints of tart citrus fruits.
Palate: Spicy with green notes reminiscent of fresh sugar cane juice and eucalyptus.
Finish: Dry with light peppery notes.
This is a distinctive rum for the most creative cocktails.
About Rhum Barbancourt:

Barbancourt is a 100% Haitian rum, from sugar cane to distillation, from fermentation to bottling. In collaboration with more than 3000 growers, we cultivate the same variety of sugar cane on all our plots. Madame Mevs is a hybrid cane originating from Haiti. We have selected this cane for its aromatic potential.

For almost 160 years, the Barbancourt distillery has been passing on its unique know-how, inherited from its founder Dupré Barbancourt, from generation to generation. The first generations defined and refined the Barbancourt style. In the 1950s, Jean Gardère gave a new dimension to the estate through industrialization while his son, Thierry Gardère, increased production capacity. His granddaughter, Delphine Gardère (current guardian of the estate’s heritage and know-how), has inspired a more modern and international dimension to the distillery and to the Barbancourt brand."

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

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