Sweetens Cove 2021 Specialty Release Cask Strength Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Proof 112.97, 750 ml

"Our 2021 release is a blend of straight Tennessee bourbons aged 16, 6, and 4 years. Whisky Advocate scored it a 92 and Esquire Magazine calls this the #1 celebrity spirit in the world. Proof 112.97."

 Tasting Notes by the Whiskey Wash: "Vital stats: A blend of Tennessee bourbons aged 4, 6, and 16 years; 113.7 proof; about $200. It’s only available in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and Louisiana.

Appearance: In the bottle, it’s a ruddy gold but in the glass it’s more greenish gold, like it has a patina. Glossy in the glass, nice legs. It’s also the same color as one of my favorite kombuchas: the Ginger Lemonade one from Costco. Don’t judge.

Nose: It is subtle. It does not bash you over the head with heady fragrances. Which is fine. It’s introverted; I get that. Brown sugar, browned butter, butterscotch, a just-scraped vanilla bean pod. Red currants. Later sniffs bring new-mown grass and a faint smell of drying paint of a color you really wanted to paint a room and are totally excited about how it’s going to look.

Palate: This is fascinating, and I love it. There’s an echo of high-ish proof at the finish, but it’s like a flirty mic drop. Before that finish, I get honey but not sickly sweet, brown sugar again but not teeth-hurtingly so. Also: berries, wintergreen, graham crackers, gingersnaps. It’s butterscotch and cookies and fire and fun. It’s got the texture and mouthfeel of a really good s’more. Like there’s a mix of fire and an echo of smoke and prevailing sweetness and smoothness.

I did, in fact, find myself wanting s’more of it. (Use your judgement because this ain’t low-proof.). But it’s fun and not like your typical bourbon. Yet it’s not like “wow this is… interesting,” when it’s actually really weird and maybe like a collector’s item you don’t want to drink. I will definitely be drinking this.

The Takeaway
Although its name sounds like a Netflix show I’m embarrassed to admit I watch, I am super, super into Sweetens Cove. Damn. Does this mean I have to try Casamigos tequila now?"

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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