The Hampden Great House "2023 Edition" Old Single Single Jamaican Rum


57% ABV, 750 ml, Distillery Edition 2023

The Hampden Estate is quickly becoming acknowledged by spirits experts as one of the most important producers of any kind anywhere in the world. What was once relegated to blenders warehouse has now been established as one of the finest spirits producers in the world. The brand's identity is intertwined with the famous Italian importer, Luca Gargano, who revived its image and help blend and market the first tropically aged, distillery bottled versions of this special product.

Now the distillery is releasing its Distillery Only blend to the world. This one was blended by Hampden's Master Distiller Vivian Wisdom and consists of two of the many Hampden marks, OWH and <>H. The OWH or Outram W Hussey component (40-80 gr/hL esters) is the lowest ester rum made at Hampden and was distilled in 2013. The <>H component (900-1000 gr/hL) is one of the higher ester rum and was distilled entirely in 2017. Blended 80/20, the resulting rum is modelled to the preferences of the distillery workers themselves and is absolutely delicious. Named as a tribute to the astonishing old mansion at the distillery built in 1779 by the estate's original owners, the Stirling Family. Its first floor was used for rum storage barrels waiting to be transferred. Now it serves as a symbol for the incredible tradition that's been built there over the centuries. 

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

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