The Illusionist Dry Gin


700 ml, 45% ABV, colored blue with butterfly pea flower, 100% organic

Changes color from royal blue to pink when tonic is added

Illusionist Distillery, based in Munich, Germany

Angelika Root - Bulgaria || Cardamom - Guatemala || Chamomile - Egypt || Citrus Fruits - Spain || Mace - India || Cranberries - Germany || Ginger - China || Lavender - France || Lemongrass - Egypt

"Unravel the secret of the Illusionist: A deep blue gin, that augments you from your daily sloth, and upon mixing with tonic, delivers the gentle yet enticing pink elixir. Born in the locale Glockenbach of Munich, ready for new adventures."

"Complex character through fruity and floral, fresh aromas. A touch of mediterranean rosemary, lavender, chamomile, and coriander seeds, harmonised by nutmeg flower, liquorice and angelica roots. Finally, orange, lemon, grapefruit and cranberries lends the gin its fruity complexion. The butterfly pea flower provides a delicate-nutty flavor and our gin’s classic blue color. Together with tonic or any acidic based mixer our gin undergoes a color transformation, from its royal deep blue hue to a gentle pink.

THE ILLUSIONIST DRY GIN combines influences from around the world. Floral. Fruity. Unexpected. An “unfiltered” gin, composed of earthy-warm nutmeg shells, citrus elements and blended with licorice roots. A total of 16 botanicals combine to deliver a smooth and unobtrusive taste despite the 45% alcohol content. All botanicals are organic, including the raw alcohol, making the Illusionist Dry Gin wholly certified organic.

Often, it is easy to take for granted the attentive care we place in the selection of our wholly organic ingredients that give life to our uniquely balanced product. It is, in essence, the delicate complementarity of aroma and taste between our 16 hand-picked ingredients which are so graciously persuasive, time and time again."

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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