The Language of Yes 2021 Grenache


is the kind of thing Randall Grahm might say, an organically grown carrot, depending from his lower lip, pressed into service in lieu of a Gauloise, as he begins a conversation about his soon to be released wine, itself inspired by, among other things, medieval folk ballads, Occitan linguistics, definitively positive affirmations and a mystical affinity for the warm places where grapes are grown.

From Cigars (Flying) to the Rhône Ranger to Popelouchum, Randall Grahm has a long history of reimagining the traditions of France in a distinctly personal way.

The Language of Yes (a distinctly odd name) is Randall’s next chapter. A continued exploration of the central California Coast through small-batch vinous experiments, light touches and a deep love of the land.

If the grapes and soil have anything at all to say, we cannot imagine a more faithful interpreter.

The simultaneous release adopted the extremely non-standard practice of air-drying the grapes post-harvest. Our first vintage from the Rancho Réal vineyard is an experiment in phenolic extraction and a realization of our intent to not slavishly replicate the wines of Southern France, but rather to seek to find and amplify the unique characteristics of our climats and terroirs in the Central Coast of California.

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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