Normandin-Mercier Pineau Des Charentes Rouge


17% ABV, 750ml

This five year old Pineau is a perfect example of how Pineau des Charentes should taste! Enjoy it as an aperitif chilled, on the rocks, mixed with a bit of tonic water or have some fun experimenting with it behind the bar. It also goes well with foie gras, blue cheese or with almost any dessert.

Since 1872, five generations have contributed to the development of the prestigious Normandin-Mercier Cognacs. The family has build its fame by perfecting the art of blending and ageing cognacs in an exceptional geographical site on their estate, the Domaine de La Péraudière.

Normandin Mercier cognacs are made with about 90% Ugni Blanc, and 10% of Colombard and Folle Blanche, a very rare and unique blend compared to other cognacs.

Normandin Mercier cognacs are matured in the family chateau’s traditional cellars near the town of La Rochelle, the historic medieval port that made Cognac famous many centuries ago. The proximity of the ocean, the natural regulation of hygrometry and oceanic temperature all favor the ageing of the cognacs, giving them fullness, elegance and a unique character.

The Production: 25,000 bottles per year

It’s important to note that Normandin-Mercier cognacs contain no artificial coloring and are not subject to a cold filtration in order to preserve a total purity of the aromas and flavors.

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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